Please plan on attending.


Registration will be outside again this year.  Cones will be set up at the bottom of the driveway.  Parents will need to walk their kids to the registration table for check in.  Kids who are preregistered will have a packet and check in will go quickly.  Remind your guests to preregister their kids!  Thanks so much! 

We will be going more secure this year.  Parents will drop off their kids and sign them in each night.  They will also have to give a password to the crew leader when picking up their child.  If they do not know their password they will have to show a drivers license to check out their child.  This will be discussed further. 

Crew Leader:

Crew leaders and assistant crew leaders remain with a crew of about 4 -5 mixed aged kids and walk with them around to the different stations during the evening.  They can participate in the stations, but need to keep an eye out on their kids, help them engage in activities, get to know the kids in their crews and pray with them when the time comes.

Assistant leaders can be grades 7th and up.

Notes for Preschool Crew Leaders:

Preschoolers are going to meet in their preschool areas the first night of VBS.  This will give them time to meet with their crew leader and get to know them.  Parents will be asked to pick up their preschoolers at 8:10pm every night and either sit in the Finale with them or take them home.  The nights get long for the little ones.  Crew leaders, please keep the preschooler volunteers with you and bring them into the Finale.

Station Leader Positions:

 Snacks - Station Leader

The Snack Factory Staion Leader prepares snacks for the crews, plus guides them through the meaning of the snack - connecting it to the Bible Point of the day and praying before the kids eat.   Snacks will start inside in the Education Wing.  We will be eating outside again this year, on the grass in front of church or on blankets on the driveway.  Please find a place to eat with your crew and try to keep them in that area.  I do not want kids running down the hill towards the road, we are setting up flags to keep the kids away from the road.  Please help us keep the kids safe by keeping them away from the road.  If crew leaders could bring one blanket for their crew that would be great! 

Wonderful Creation Crafts - Station Leader

This station leader should have lots of energy and be willing to get a little messy!   We will be doing this outside this year again as it may be messy!  The kids will love it!  We will be set up behind the church kitchen or under the car port. 

Blastoff  This station leader will be leading the crews in very active games every night while bringing them back to the Bible point of the day.

Starry Night Storytelling - Station Leader

This station leader will lead the crews tell the Bible stories through actions, skits and with props.

Observation Station Bible Challenge - Station Leader

Digging deeper into the daily Bible story through science, music and games.

Notes for Preschool Station Leaders:

Please stand at the entrance to the Education Wing and help the preschoolers find their crew leaders.  If you can get there early to help with this that would be great. 

Notes for Elementary Crew Leaders and Station Leaders:

Elementary Crew Leaders can head on into the sanctuary and find your crew area.  Please wait in the sanctuary and greet your kids.

Elementary Bible Discovery will be downstairs again this year.  There will be signs to help point you in the right direction. 



Thank you for all your help with the Treasured Mission.  I know this will be an exciting week of bringing children closer to Jesus. 


Sincerely, your VBS team leader, Tessa Fink.     If you have any questions, please contact Tessa at 612-618-9173.