New Creation Lutheran Church In Shakopee

New Creation Lutheran Church  is a multi-ethnic congregation that offers New Hope, New Joy and New Life through compassionate relations with one another and our community through faith in Jesus Christ!

We are affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

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LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) World Relief and Human Care

Today, the LCMS is continuing the mercy work and legacy of LCMS World Relief and Human Care — it’s the same work, the same compassion and the same capacity. Read more information on their website

POBLO International 

POBLO International Ministries is a non-profit, Christian organization that is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with Muslims and other immigrants and refugees living in the United States. Unlike in the past, American Christians do not have to go overseas to do mission work— the mission field is in our own front yard. Poblo International Ministries is responding to this change in demographics and revolutionizing the way the gospel is shared by engaging in cross-cultural missions and grassroots community outreach here in the United States and training and partnering with local churches.

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